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Not all Pool Cleaning Service Providers Are the Same

Owning a swimming pool in your property is really great. There is nothing quite like being able to cool off in your own swimming pool after a long day or during the soaring heat of summer. While there are obviously many benefits and perks that come with owning a pool, maintaining the pool and keeping it clean, safe and healthy can be an uphill task. This is especially for people with busy schedules and homeowners who may not have any pool maintenance experience or a passion for it.

In such cases, it makes sense to hire a pool cleaning service to keep the pool clean healthy and hygienic. A reputable pool cleaner will not only keep your pool clean, he may also save you a lot of money worth of repairs.  If you are hunting for a reliable professional to clean and maintain your pool, it is important to keep in mind that not all listed pool cleaning companies are professionals. The pool cleaning business is very transient such that anyone with a truck can just wake up one morning and decide to start a pool cleaning service.

If you do not take your time to do a bit of research, you may find yourself dealing with an unprofessional that is out to rip you off; giving you low quality services and potentially costing you so much more in terms of repairs that could have been avoided had you hired a reliable professional initially.

Because not all pool cleaning services are the same, it may be difficult to determine which service provider is right for you until you have actually used their services.  Because of this reason, it may be very important to avoid signing any long-term contracts with any company in a rush. Rather, use the services of a company on temporary non-committal terms until you can be truly sure that it is a reputable pool cleaning service that you would be willing to work with on long-term basis.

While on this trial period, below are some of the factors to look out for to ensure that you end up with a qualified and reputable professional and not just another unreliable cleaner dressed as a professional.

Quality Service and Accountability

It is common to assume that all pool cleaning companies employ skilled professionals who know and understand the complexities of pool cleaning and maintenance.  While this should be the case, it is often not so. If you hire one on a temporary basis, over time you will notice whether or not you are getting value for your money. Of course even the best professionals can make honest mistakes from time to time. Whatever the case, it is important to go with your gut.

Again, every professional should be held accountable to his/her work. In case of a genuine mistake, a reputable pool cleaner will take responsibility and be accountable. An incompetent one obviously may not know anything about ethics and may not even care. In this case, continue your search.

Customer Service

Customer service is very important in any kind of business. This includes things like how responsive is your pool cleaner?, is he willing to discuss any problems that have arisen or does he return emails and calls? This is how you differentiate a reliable professional from one who is only out to make money. If a pool cleaning service is poor in customer service, they will likely be a headache to work with in future. Your best bet is to continue your search to save yourself the trouble early enough.

Punctuality and Consistency

How punctual is your pool cleaner? Like customer service, consistency and punctuality are vital in any business. While professionals are quite punctual; never missing , postponing or skipping a cleaning, unreliable pool cleaners may leave you hanging and skip cleaning your pool despite the agreed times , rates and terms.

Once you notice unpunctuality and inconsistency in a pool cleaner, you will need to move on and continue your search to avoid disagreements future.

Character of the Cleaner

A pool cleaner is someone who will have access to your property sometimes even in your absence. Obviously, you will need someone you can fully trust. If you notice that your pool cleaner behaves unprofessionally or in a way that you do not approve of, they are certainly not conducting themselves in a professional manner. In such a case, you will be better off continuing your search until you find a reliable pool cleaning service or individual that you can trust.

At Vision Pools, our business is built on quality service, value pricing, and customer service and client satisfaction. We pride ourselves in exceeding client satisfaction knowing that a satisfied customer will come back to us for a long time and even hopefully refer our services to their family, friends, neighbors and colleagues.

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