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Importance of regular pool cleaning

Swimming pools provide a lot of joy and relaxation time for families and homeowners who have their own swimming pools. They provide an extra way to socialize and have fun besides enjoying barbecues especially when friends and relatives visit during the summer. They are also great for exercising for everyone and especially give pregnant women and overweight people and an alternative way to keep fit without having to visit the gym.

To enjoy all this however, swimming pools should be cleaned and maintained regularly in all seasons to ensure that they are in top-notch conditions all year round. Below are some of the reasons why you should never skip a cleaning.


No one likes to swim in in a dirty pool. This is unacceptable in all aspects of life. Most people would not buy food or fruits from a visibly dirty restaurant or grocery. In the same way, unhygienic pools are just as unattractive. Maintaining pool cleanliness will keep the pool germ-free and also ensure that your family or visitors do not get grossed-out as a result of coming in contact with dead insects, small wildlife or organic matter in your swimming pool.

Health and Safety of Swimmers

An unclean swimming pool can be an ideal breeding ground for algae, bacteria and other germs that can easily cause and spread diseases. This is highly unsafe and potentially a public health risk.

The biggest contaminators of swimming pools are human beings. It is common for young swimmers especially small children to have fecal accidents in the swimming pool.  If not cleaned regularly and/or when such accidents occur, swimming pools become contaminated and a health threat for anyone who gets into the pool water.

Besides, other diseases that are contracted in swimming pools include pelvic inflammatory diseases which are easily spread from one person to another during swimming. Therefore, health and safety of the swimmers is one of the biggest reasons for maintaining pool cleanliness.

Aesthetic Reasons

A clean swimming pool is definitely pleasing to look at. In fact, many people avoid swimming in pools that they cannot see the bottom of. Regular pool cleaning and maintenance will definitely add a sparkle to your pool and property.

Clear Water Offers Better Visibility

Pollutants can form layers in the walls or the bottom of the pool and cloud the visibility of the swimmers. Although they may not be visible singly, scum clouds the water making it hard for the swimmers to have a clear vision when inside the water.  Another major problem with scum build up is that it is highly corrosive and can easily coat and damage the pool lining. In the end, this may cost you a lot in repairs.

Protecting Pool Equipment

Dirt and debris build up can easily overrun the pool filters. This will cause the pools pumps to overwork and potentially cause the motor to burn out. Once this happens, you will have to incur a lot of money in repairs in order to keep the pool running. Regular pool cleaning gets rid of debris and is therefore very important in preventing damage and prolonging the life of pool equipment.

Pool Contaminants

So what makes swimming pools dirty? Although the most common contaminants are human beings, other outside contaminants include cosmetic products, dirt and debris, animal fur, dead wildlife, insects and other organic matter. Incase such contaminants get into the pool water; they should be thoroughly removed as soon as they are spotted in order to avoid making the pool unsafe for swimming.

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